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  • BestGiftCertificate is the Best Gift You Can Give!

    Feb 29, 2016

    There is a reason why BestGiftCertificate is called just that!Its the best gift you can give your company and your clients. Everyone benefits from BestGiftCertificate. For your clients, they are saving money through special exclusive offers only available to your card-users and are conveniently shopping and purchasing, which will increase desired usage of your card and services.For your... Read more

  • Credit Cards - Winning for Everyone

    Feb 08, 2016

    Did you know that studies have been conducted on the rates of use of a credit card versus cash as a mode of payment in consumers? Thats right! Now a days they study everything and the field and market of business is no exception.These studies confirmed that consumers are more likely to use and re-use a credit card over cash. Partly because when you have actual bills and change in your hand you... Read more

  • BestGiftCertificate - The Best Choice for You!

    Feb 02, 2016

    The world of business is always changing and evolving, now more than ever, especially where technology is concerned. The newest development is redeemable online gift cards tailored specifically to your business and only your business!Looking for a quick, easy and efficient way to do business with customers from the convenience of your own home office? has got you covered.... Read more

  • Why should you get the 3-in-1, loyalty, membership and gift card?

    Jan 18, 2016

    This card is great! It's created for our customer to reward their loyalty. No registration fee, no monthly charges, no minimum purchases and no expiration date! Our customers received extra money for next visit simply by collecting points!It's convenient to track earned points online. Everything you need is online or in-store registration indicating your BestGiftCertificate card number. Each... Read more

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